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Increasing Yields. Improving Efficiency. Lowering Costs.


Poseidon Ocean Systems delivers innovative, industry-leading solutions for modern salmon farming operations. We are focused on improving fish welfare while reducing the environmental impact of producing nutritious, sustainable protein to feed the global population.

In all aspects of our designs, we seek opportunities to integrate both existing and future technologies into our systems, allowing farmers to focus on what they do best—raising fish.

Integrated Life Support Platform

Our technology can help farmers improve fish welfare to realize greater survival and growth, and minimize – if not eliminate – mortality events, thereby increasing the yield from every fish.

Integrated Cage Technology

Our hybrid cage technology seamlessly integrates new feeding technologies, life support, anti-lice and anti-algae barrier systems, and anti-predator equipment to create an optimal environment for your fish.

Water Quality Management

Our experts and systems can limit or effectively eliminate the harmful effects of various water-quality events.

Semi Closed Marine Aquaculture Systems

Keep S-CMAS production located within existing operational groups for roughly 10% of the cost of land-based production facilities.

The Unusual Way Forward



Our team prides itself on its application engineering and our ability to provide great service from start to finish, ensuring all your farming needs are properly met. Our applications team acts as a bridge between our company and our clients to make sure all our systems function in the most optimal way for your environmental and farming needs, making sure both you and your fish are as happy as possible.

Service and Support

Partnering with Poseidon means having prompt service and support, no matter where your operation may be. Every product and design that carries the Poseidon name has been rigorously tested and verified to exacting standards for quality and sustainability. With our remote monitoring capabilities, our experienced engineers can log on from anywhere in the world to provide operational support and cost-saving measures, in real-time.