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Poseidon Ocean Systems delivers innovative, industry-leading solutions for modern salmon farming operations. We are focused on improving fish welfare while reducing the environmental impact of producing nutritious, sustainable protein to feed the global population.

Our technology can help reduce the carbon emissions of modern-day salmon farming operations by about 700 tonnes of CO2 per farm, per year.

Fuel-Saving Efficiency

Poseidon’s Life Support Systems are designed and engineered specifically for the needs of aquaculture farmers. Our patented technologies provide farmers with reliable, in situ aeration and oxygenation with dramatically reduced energy requirements. With a full end-to-end Poseidon Life Support System, customers can expect an energy savings of up to 85% given the cumulative effects of Flowpressor, Oxypressor, and Depth Charge.

Green Bond Eligibility

Significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions offered by Flowpressor and Oxypressor will qualify for Green Bond spending when budgeting capital expenditures. Poseidon is experienced in assisting customers with sustainability grant applications—contact us for more details.


At Poseidon, we view sustainability as a priority in the development of our technology. We have proudly adapted the goals of a circular economy into our production, eliminating waste and pollution, circulating products and materials, and regenerating nature. Our systems are designed to last, utilizing recyclable materials, replaceable components, and sustainable energy consumption. With our technology, we aim to build solutions for the aquaculture industry while substantially reducing its environmental impact.