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Harmful algae blooms have devastated Chilean salmon farming and processing facilities. Oxygenation systems, like ones found throughout Canada, are proven to be a successful defense against algae blooms.

Algae blooms invasions have badly hit Chilean salmon farms again in March and April of 2021. Toxic formations of algae swept through the southern fjords of Chile, where over 7,000 metric tons of salmon died due to lethal algae blooms.

The recent outbreak has come on the heels of a 2016 algae bloom that caused a staggering 40,000 tons of lost salmon and subsequently depleted the world’s salmon supply.

With Chile being the world’s second-largest exporter of salmon and 20% of the world’s salmon population being produced there, The ripple effect of this outbreak will be far-reaching. Not only will this cause a significant strain on the salmon supply worldwide, but the financial effects on salmon farms and processing facilities will also be immense.

Defense against algae blooms is possible.

Algae blooms are also a common occurrence in Canada. Out of necessity to prevent devastating outbreaks, the industry has developed effective mitigation equipment and strategies.

As an aquaculture company based in Canada, we’ve been actively involved in the effort to diminish the impact of algae blooms. Because of that experience, our team designed and tested one of the industry’s most advanced and efficient life support systems.

Poseidon’s systems have effectively defended against almost all algae threats, with no mortality cases reported. The result has been near-zero mortality, near elimination of lost feed days, improved oxygen conditions, better feed conversion ratios, increased overall growth rates, streamlined harvest operations, and enhanced treatment operations.

Flowpressor Aeration Systems

Our Flowpressor system is specifically engineered to improve water quality in the ocean environment. It combats poor water quality within the fish pens due to harmful algae blooms and low dissolved oxygen conditions.

Poseidon’s aeration systems move water up from the depths, increasing oxygen and circulating clean, colder water to fight against poor or harmful conditions in the net pens.

Aside from the benefit of algal bloom prevention, Poseidon aeration systems have been used to nearly eliminate lost feed days. The overall cost benefits of this service are immense. Insurance coverage is available with mortality cases; however, poor growth as a result of lost feed days is not covered.

The science behind defending the devastating algae boom is found here in Canada. Our collective approach has yielded proven results, and the potential to save future farming seasons across the globe is a very tangible reality.

Visit our aeration page for more information on our Flowpressor aeration systems and our aquaculture life support solutions.