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(As Seen In Aquaculture Magazine)

Poseidon Ocean Systems, a Campbell River company specializing in the development of salmon farming infrastructure and life support systems, was awarded one of two grand prizes of $150,000 from the inaugural BC Aquaculture Innovation Awards. The competition was sponsored by Innovate BC and the Province of British Columbia to highlight innovative technology within the industry.

Poseidon’s Flowpressor™ was highlighted during the pitch competition; an innovative compressor system designed specifically for use within the aquaculture industry, which has demonstrated sharp reductions in energy consumption for off-grid fish farming systems. Flowpressor was designed to improve water quality and fish welfare while reducing diesel fuel consumption by nearly 60%. Paired with Poseidon’s IoT firmware, the system offers farmers significant additional operational advancements.

Mathew Clarke, Poseidon’s Co-Founder led the pitch and said “the award will fuel new spinoff development here in BC. Our team will apply the Flowpressor technology to oxygenation as well as feeding systems, with a goal of reducing annual emissions by over 50,000 tons of CO2 within British Columbia”

Other award recipients include Vancouver’s ThisFish taking home the additional grand prize of $150,000, and Victoria’s Industrial Plankton winning the fan-favorite award of $25,000.