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CAMPBELL RIVER, BC – Poseidon Ocean Systems is proud to announce the appointment of Jamie Gaskill as Chief Executive Officer. Jamie has served as a Board Member of Poseidon for the past eighteen months and with this transition, will move into an active leadership role within the company.

Jamie brings to the Poseidon team over thirty years of experience across the entire salmon farming value chain—including smolt production, sea-farming, in-sea closed systems, harvesting and processing. Eighteen of those years were served as a Director with the world’s largest salmon farming company in leadership and management roles; including Managing Director and both Freshwater and Seawater Production Director roles.

When asked about what inspired Gaskill to take on this new role, he stated “I’ve been impressed by the impact that Poseidon has had in the industry over the past 7 years, and I’m excited to contribute to the development of new technologies and make meaningful change in areas such as reducing carbon emissions and improving farmer’s yields. My family and I are also looking forward to returning to Campbell River.”

Co-Founder and current CEO Matt Clarke will transition to the role of Chief Technology Officer where he’ll focus on continuing to develop new technologies to improve the aquaculture industry. “We are incredibly excited to bring Jamie in house as our CEO. This is the natural next step in our efforts to build a Senior Management Team capable of achieving Poseidon’s goal of being a global leader in aquaculture technology. We’ve had the privilege of working closely with Jamie as a key member of the Poseidon board for the past eighteen months, and are confident that Jamie’s years of experience in the industry and passion for business are the perfect fit to take on the role of CEO to lead us into the next phase of our growth,” said Clarke.

About Poseidon Ocean Systems

Poseidon Ocean Systems (Poseidon) is a full-service aquaculture engineering and technology provider. Poseidon specializes in saltwater aquaculture infrastructure & life support design, engineering, product development and supply. Poseidon Ocean Systems delivers innovative, industry-leading solutions for modern salmon farming operations. We are focused on reducing the environmental impact of producing nutritious, sustainable protein to feed the global population. The company is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada with an additional office in Puerto Montt, Chile.

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